we’re on your side.

And that’s not just baby talk. We’re taking real action to help support parents’ well-being.

A crying baby with an exasperated mother

our commitments:

We’re for less stress.

We’re calling out parental perfection – and the pressure to achieve it – as the straight up BS (baloney sandwich) it is. For too long parents have been struggling under a false ideal that simply doesn’t exist.

This is the best, hardest job in the world, and as you raise the next generation, we’ll show you the respect you deserve.

  • We promise to stand for all kinds of real families and real-life parenting.
  • We won’t sugarcoat, pretend things are easy, or show you an ivory-colored nursery with zero barf stains on the rug.
  • And we invite other brands, influencers, celebs and judgy bystanders to join us.

What we're doing

A young girl in a pink tutu, holding a man's legs
A closeup of a baby's face
A tired mother leaning against a washing machine

our future:

We advocate & educate for systemic change.

Babyganics is an ally in action for parental well-being. After all, you can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of you.

We believe in Paid Family Leave.

You too? Sign a pledge to invest in parents here.

We believe in Federally Subsidized Childcare.

Working parents need help. Sign a pledge to support equitable access to childcare here.

Change starts at home.

Our employees take part in generous paid parental leave policies, childcare FSAs and matching funds, and flex hours. Plus we offer professional mental health access and life services like financial, legal and wellness assistance. We’re here for parents. Period.

our partners:

We team up to make a difference.

Like they say in preschool, things go better when we when we work together. We partner with carefully chosen, like-minded organizations to foster change, faster.

The Conscious Kid

As we embrace all definitions of what family means, we are proud to work with The Conscious Kid, an education, research and policy organization dedicated to equity, promoting healthy racial identity and disrupt racism. 

Products in action

58,000 cases of insect repellent provided to Feeding America

4,000 cases of hand sanitizer & sunscreen provided to Save the Children

Ongoing donations of diapers & wipes provided to Compass Family Services

…and many more.

Everything you need but a good night’s sleep.

There’s a reason behind everything we make and do – afterall, we’re parents too.