Making sustainability as easy as 1, 2, 3

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Babyganics is a brand that cares about alleviating the pressures of parenting, which includes trying to find ways to live more sustainably. And like parenting, sustainability shouldn't be this hard. This is where we, and our parent company, SC Johnson can help alleviate pressure for parents. We work to make the better choices for our products, so you (parents!) can worry less about what you’re buying, the impact you’re having, or the future you’re creating for your kids. 


Carefully chosen

We’re all about helping you, as parents, support your baby’s natural, curious, and adventurous spirit. Which is why we work hard on specific things to keep your baby comfortable and happy. 

That’s why all our ingredients and formulas:

  • Must comply with our extensive “no list” which means: no parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, petrolatum, sulfates, artificial fragrances or dyes, EDTA, PEG, 1-4 dioxane contributors, formaldehyde donors, MEA/TEA/DEA, volatile alcohol, or silicones, as well as complying with SC Johnson’s global (super strict!) Non-Allowable Materials list. We go above and beyond this list to make our best formulas for your little ones 
  • Contain only 100% natural fragrances with full fragrance ingredient disclosure in fragranced products
  • Use globally compliant ingredients with safety ratings from a variety of sources
  • Must surpass vigorous requirements for formula safety, stability, 
and claims 
Better together

Trusted partners 

We also work with trusted partners and certifications including:

  • Ellen McArthur Foundation: Our parent company partners with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to keep plastic out of oceans and encourage circular economy innovations. SC Johnson was a founding signatory of the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment and became a Global Partner with EMF in 2019 and our Babyganics plastic data is included in SC Johnson’s publicly reported consumption numbers as a part of this reporting.
  • How2recycle: We currently refer to H2R guidelines on how to recycle and will expand this effort to our packaging so the whole fam can learn, too!

Made with care

To make sure we’re doing our part in leaving the world better than we found it, we’re focusing on rolling out a new, all-plastic tube material for some of our products. We’re supporting STINA (you can learn more about them here) by participating in the Journey to Recyclability for Plastic Squeeze Tubes. Together, we’re currently working to adjust national plastic bale specs to ensure that all-plastic tubes designed for recyclability (according to the association of plastics recyclers) are added to the list of materials accepted universally in #2 HDPE plastic bales. You can read even more about our efforts and all-plastic tubes here.  

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We’re still imperfect 

The reality is, we’re not perfect either and still have work to do. Ultimately, we want to make the lower impact choice the easy choice. We're dedicated to improving our plastic footprint by offering more recyclable plastic and non-plastic options across our entire portfolio and increasing our use of recycled content. Which is why we're focusing on: 

  • Ensuring disposal instructions of our products are simple: ideally, you’ll recycle, reuse and/or refill, but on occasion where a package isn’t suitable for those pathways, we’ll be upfront about how to dispose
  • Keeping it real. We want to share our successes and our first tries with you to make the journey towards sustainable living—and parenting—a little bit easier and happier

As with any messy challenge we know the only way forward is to roll up our sleeves and get started. We intend to inspire others to take baby steps so that our kids can live in this world worry-free, far into the future. That way you can focus on the other puzzles…like how to read more than two pages of a book without dozing off.