hey parents, you got this.

And if you don't, there's always more coffee.

What we believe

Here's to perfectly imperfect parenting.

If you were imperfect today,
C'mon over and join the club.

If you felt lost or unsure,
Let us hear you scream.

If you felt loved and needed,
Hold on to that, hard.

And if you were a parent today, like any other day,
Know you're doing a great job.

Because we know parenting and perfection don't mix.
(Perfect was honestly never even on the table.)

Do the best you can
With what you've got.
And maybe a little help from us.
Your best is more than enough.
A man holding a crying baby
A baby with its hand over a woman's face Two kids in their car seats
A baby being fed
our commitments:

We’re taking action

We are fully committed to helping alleviate parental stress. And we’re doing something about it – actually, quite a few things.

Support is standing by.

You raise the kids. We’re here ready to deliver all the stuff that helps. (Yes, we know we got the easier side of that deal).

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