customer service

How can we help? We pride ourselves in connecting with our customers. Below is a list of frequently asked questions. Feel free to reach out anytime.

  1. Do you test on animals? Nope. Never. No way.

  2. Can I clean my kids’ toys with Babyganics cleaning products? Heck yes! They’re plant-based and safe. We say clean those toys instead of buying new ones. (Yeah. Right.)

  3. Are your hand sanitizing products safe to use on my baby? The short answer is, yes. Still, hand sanitizers just work best when they’re used by the people who are around your baby. That’s how you prevent the spread of germs. So that’s what we recommend. But here’s the long version: we make a point of using Benzalkonium Chloride and we use it at .1% instead of the 62% alcohol you’ll find in other hand sanitizers. If you’re curious why, check out our answer to question #4. So yes, our ingredients are safe around your baby, for sure. We do use super low levels of cleansing agents but they are safe when applied to the skin.

  4. Ok, I’m curious. Why don’t you use alcohol in your hand sanitizer? Remember Benzalkonium Chloride from answer #3? Well, we think it has tons of advantages over using the alcohol that other sanitizers do. It’s less drying to the skin, has longer lasting ‘degerming’ activity than gelled alcohol sanitizers (2-4 hours of residual protection) and doesn’t stain clothing. Finally, published studies have shown that gelled alcohol hand sanitizers actually strip away the natural oils of skin. So, no. We don’t use alcohol in our sanitizers. Glad you asked!

  5. Are your diaper creams and ointments safe to use with cloth diapers? Yes and yes. And you can toss those diapers into the washer with our laundry detergent and stain remover too.

  6. You’re called Babyganics. Does that mean your products are all certified organic? No, they are not… but read on and we think you’ll see why. First of all, we can tell you all of our ingredients are baby-safe. That’s our focus and what drives us to make products using the best available ingredients to create an effective product that is safe for your baby and your baby’s world. As weird as it sounds, just because a formula is made with “organic” ingredients doesn’t guarantee its safe around your baby. The truth is, only testing can prove safety. Which is why we test all our products. So the bottom line is our products contain plant-based and natural ingredients and they are expertly formulated and tested to meet our baby-safe standards

  7. Do you use preservatives? Yes. And here’s why: all skincare and cleaning products can get contaminated without preservatives and can breed harmful bacteria and microorganisms. So we use effective but low level, safety-tested preservative systems. And tested, proven, baby safe products is what we’re all about.

  8. Are Babyganics skincare products non-allergenic? Yup. We avoid any harmful ingredients like parabens, phthalates and toxins that could cause an allergic reaction for those with sensitive skin. (Hello? Babies!) Plus we use safe, effective, naturally derived plant-based ingredients and natural fragrances. Our personal care products are tested by a third party clinical laboratory and labeled non-allergenic.

  9. What materials do you use to make your diapers? Hoo boy… We’re going to geek out on you with this answer ‘cuz we couldn’t be prouder of our diapers! So, our diapers use totally chlorine free (TCF) untreated fluff pulp. Our super absorbent core blend is made with renewable, plant-based material that reduces the amount of SAP gel needed. We use a super soft, non-woven material for the top sheet, back sheet, stretchy side wings and cuff for your baby’s total comfort. Then we use a polyolefin for soft and stretchy tabs and closure for a secure hold. Oh, and non-latex elastic leg closure for a comfy, leak-reducing fit. But wait, here’s the best part: our diapers are made with our NeoNourish® Seed Oil Blend- our 100% natural, nourishing seed oil blend. We incorporate it into the core to help support your baby’s skin health.

  10. Can I use your products for my family? You don’t have to be a baby to enjoy the benefits of our baby-safe products. They are especially great for anyone with sensitive skin – like a baby’s. Hey, why not? We’ve been known to sneak a taste of that yummy baby pear puree!