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natural wool dryer balls

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Creating a baby-ready world involves many smart choices. Our 100% natural wool dryer balls is one of them. A reusable, composable alternative to traditional fabric softener, our handcrafted wool dryer balls help soften fabrics, reduce static and decrease drying time by up to 25%* helping to lower home energy consumption. (Yes, please!) They’re all you need for your entire family’s clothes, sheets, towels and blankets. Great for baby’s laundry and super efficient—it’s a win-win! Using wool from sheep raised humanely on East Coast farms. Just another way we’re helping parents like you make better choices all around the home, easily and often.

*results may vary based on dryer type, size of laundry load and material.

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Inside story
  • no: chemicals, PVC, fragrances or dyes
  • reusable
  • 100% Natural, American wool
  • non-allergenic
  • biodegradable
  • compostable
  • natural alternative to traditional fabric softeners
  • reduces static
  • decreases dry time
  • softens fabrics naturally

Toss all 3 Natural Wool Dryer Balls into your dryer with clean, wet clothes. Follow fabric care instructions for machine drying until clothes are completely dry. No need to remove balls from the dryer after use (although they are great for entertaining baby - juggling anyone?). Each dryer ball lasts up to 1000 loads.


100% Natural, American Wool

Here’s to naturally soft blankies

100% Natural.
100% American made.

Our natural wool dryer balls are made right here in the U.S.A! Each dryer ball is hand-crafted using 100% natural wool sourced from humanely raised sheep from east coast farms.

Softens blankies
in less time.

The average American family goes through about 416 loads and expends roughly 1,400 kw worth of energy doing their laundry each year. Our wool dryer balls soften and dry clothes up to 25% faster, saving energy and helping to lower your family’s home consumption costs!

Made with babies
and the planet in mind.

Wool dryer balls are 100% biodegradable + compostable. They’re also 1,000x reusable, replacing the need for traditional fabric softeners. Say bah-bye to those harsh, synthetic ingredients and hello to a laundry alternative that remembers the littlest among our flock and the planet we all share.

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From happy sheep to the baby-ready home you're creating

Take a trip with us to discover the story behind our 100% Natural Wool Dryer Balls. From humanely raised sheep to your baby’s laundry, every step of the process is a part of our mission to make products with purpose!

Made with
100% Love

The Wool Dryer Ball Story

It all begins here

We start with a network of local farms that use only humane shearing practices and share our commitment to a healthier world. Our partners avoid growth hormones, synthetic chemicals and additives, and they raise their sheep with wholesome standards and practices.

Wash + roll!

Once the wool is sheared, it’s thoroughly washed to remove lanolin and other by-products, leaving pure, 100% natural wool that’s also made to use on baby’s laundry. The wool is then distributed to local artisans for felting and balling.

The “ballers” get going

With the help of community members and support groups, we identify local artisans to create the final product. This amazing group—also known as the “ballers”—shape and craft each ball by hand, then wash them with Babyganics 3x concentrated laundry detergent.

The journey home

Each set of natural wool dryer balls is QC inspected and packaged before making its way into your home. Toss them in with your laundry, and you’ll get soft, dry fabric for up to 1,000 loads!

Laundry time

From dryer sheets to stain & odor remover, our full laundry line works together so your family’s wash comes out fresh, extra-clean and (as always) totally made with babies in mind.

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