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Small (16-26 lbs.)
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Discover a brand NEW way to have fun in the sun with Babyganics Swim pants. Our disposable swim pants cover and protect in the pool, ocean, lake (or puddle!) and feature a special sun-sensing scenery that changes with initial and prolonged UV exposure. Colors appear and change while your baby does their baby-playing thing in the sun! These comfy, slip-on swim pants won’t swell or sag, and they offer UPF 50+ protection for covered areas. Splish, splash and explore till you run out of giggles, baby. We’ve gotcha covered!

Inside story
  • The only swim diapers with sun sensing scenery*
  • Provides UPF+ protection for covered areas**
  • Won’t swell in water
  • Water resistant soft cover
  • Pull-on design and comfy fit
  • Tear-away sides for easy removal
  • Available in Small (16-26 lbs.), Medium (24-34 lbs.), Large (32+ lbs.)

* For best color-changing results, keep all diapers in the original package or away from light until ready for use.

**Based on controlled UV exposure emulating direct exposure to Florida sunshine, mid-summer, mid-day. Timing of color change may vary based on location, altitude, time of day and year. Intended only as a reminder that the sun is out and you should always be reapplying sunscreen. Always follow your sunscreen directions.


Wait until pool time to change baby into color changing swim pants. Colors and designs will change to indicate initial and prolonged UV exposure. Don't forget to always apply sunscreen before going out!