Made to soothe & protect.

Some days, your explorer is bound to need a little extra TLC. Our remedy products are there to help your baby get (as painlessly as possible) past the speed bumps that come with all that growing and developing.

From teething pods to cold relief chest rub and fluoride-free toothpaste, our formulas are made with plant-based ingredients that are tested by a team of pediatricians and dermatologists so your baby can get back to the good stuff in no time.

Plant-based ingredients

Our remedies contain plant-based ingredients. No benzocaine, parabens, sulfates, petroleum, artificial fragrances or dyes here.

Extra soothing & easy to use

When your baby needs soothing, you’re looking for quick comfort. Our blend of ingredients and product formulas are designed to calm and soothe in a hurry.

Portable perfection

In your bag or in the stroller, be a baby-soothing hero even on-the-go with convenient sizes for every situation!

benzocaine free gel teething pods, 10 single use pods & applicators
Chest Rub - Box-1000px
cold relief chest rub
fluoride free toothpaste, strawberry
fluoride free toothpaste, strawberry
fluoride free toothpaste, watermelon
fluoride free toothpaste, watermelon
vapor bubble bath
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