Look out, world—baby explorers ahead!

There's a whole world of fun in the sun and your baby wants at it. Help protect and nourish your baby’s work-in-progress skin so they can get out there and explore already.

Our outdoor products (including sunscreens, DEET-free insect repellants and SPF daily lotion) are made with plant-based and certified organic ingredients and the most effective protection possible for sensitive skin. Your baby is a natural adventurer, so we say slather, spray and let 'em loose!

Outdoor protection with babies in mind

Our sunscreens contain our 100% natural NeoNourish® Seed Oil Blend—a mix of essential, nourishing seed oils—and our insect repellant is made with 100% natural essential oils like citronella and geranium.

Pediatrician & dermatologist tested

All of our outdoor products are made with plant-based ingredients and are tested for efficacy by an expert team of pediatricians, dermatologists and hard-working moms and dads.

Perfect for every adventure

From sprays to single-use tubes, sticks, creams and more, our sunscreens and bug repellants are there to protect your baby’s skin when you’re out and about together.

mineral-based sunscreen spray + natural insect repellent
mineral-based sunscreen spray, 50+spf
natural insect repellent
outdoor essentials duo pack
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outdoor essentials kit
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pure mineral sunscreen stick, 50+spf
pure mineral sunscreen, 30spf
sunscreen, 50+spf
swim diapers
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