Our story

As childhood friends, Kevin and Keith had a history of putting their talents together and dreaming big. So their friends weren't surprised when they joined forces years later to bring Babyganics to parents everywhere.

Kevin’s wife Ali was pregnant with their first, and they were starting to think beyond themselves and more about their baby-to-be. They thought about the world she or he would be entering—not just the bigger world, but also their world: their home.

So they started searching for products that would help them make their entire home a super safe place for their baby to do what babies do—explore freely—without having to worry. They wanted products that weren’t just mindful of the planet, but of babies, too. And they couldn’t find them! By the time Tyler was born, so was Kevin’s big idea: Babyganics.

Since then, the Babyganics family has grown, thanks to the dedicated, inspiring Babyganics employees who share our mission, the exciting research and innovations happening all around us, and support and feedback from more and more new parents every day. It’s all part of how (and why) we create so many products, and how we ensure that every one of them—from home care to skin care, from bath to laundry to sun protection, is made to our baby-focused standards.

Today, we’re a company run by two dads, Kevin and his childhood friend Keith. As entrepreneurs and fathers with five kids between them, they have a shared sense of purpose: to create products that parents can feel great about using around their babies and that they can actually find and afford. Kevin and Keith and the whole Babyganics team come to work every day knowing we’re helping parents everywhere just like ourselves create a world where all babies can happily crawl, splash, touch, wander and satisfy their baby curiosity. We love knowing that every day, new parents like you discover our products and join our mission: to help your babies grow boldly! 

Kevin & Keith & The Babyganics family

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