color changing swim diapers

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Discover a brand new way to have fun in the sun with Color Changing Disposable Swim Pants. Our swim diapers cover and protect in the pool, ocean, lake (or puddle!) and feature special color changing technology that interacts with UV exposure. Colors appear and change while your baby does their baby-playing thing in the sun! These comfy, slip-on swim diapers are made with sustainable core material, they won’t swell or sag, and they offer UPF 50+ protection. Swim, splash and explore till you run out of giggles, baby, but you know what we say, safety first!

Inside story
  • The only swim diapers with color changing technology*
  • Core made with sustainable materials
  • Provides UPF+ protection for covered areas**
  • Won’t swell in water
  • Water resistant soft cover
  • Pull-on design and comfy fit
  • Tear-away sides for easy removal
  • Available in Small, Medium, Large

*For best color-changing results, keep all diapers in the original package or away from light until ready for use

**Not intended as a measure of sun protection for uncovered areas. Always be sun safe and reapply sunscreen as indicated by its packaging directions


Gently pull swim diaper onto baby so it’s snugly in place. Colors and designs will change to indicate levels of UV exposure.


Fun in the sun is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Going out in the sun?

When you see this little frog just chillin’ on his surfboard, it means our color-changing swim diapers haven’t yet detected UV exposure. Always apply your baby’s sunscreen before going outside!

Surf’s up!

When this colorful surfin’ scene appears on our color-changing diaper, it indicates initial UV exposure—a great reminder to have your favorite sunscreen at the ready.

A full day of play?

Our green frog will begin to change color after about 20-30 minutes of continuous UV exposure. Remember to re-apply your sunscreen and consider taking your baby for a shade break.

Learn more about our standards

Sunscreen basics

Your baby's skin doesn't just look and feel different from is different! It’s in a critical stage of development between birth and 3 years old, and because it’s far less developed, it’s thinner and more vulnerable overall—especially to the sun's UVA/UVB rays.

Using sunscreen every day is important, and so is choosing the right SPF. For longer days in the sun, stick with an SPF 50+. Shorter bursts of outdoor fun? Reach for an SPF of 30+.

Your baby's skin needs to last a lifetime. Here's how to protect it, today and every day.

In The Shade

Shade is best

Babies under six months have extra delicate work-in-progress skin, so cover up or, if possible, avoid direct sunlight completely.

Read those labels

Read those labels

Sunscreen products come with specific usage instructions and expiration dates, so be sure to read labels carefully for recommended application and reapplication directions.


Keep it broad

To protect against both UVA & UVB rays, choose a sunscreen with broad spectrum protection and attempt to avoid the sun during peak hours in your area, regardless of season.

Protecting and Serving

Protect and serve

2-in-1 products (like sunscreen + bug spray) sometimes don't offer the level of SPF protection your baby needs, so apply insect repellent and sunscreen separately. Care for baby's skin by applying sunscreen more often!

“The swim diapers exceeded expectations and I was really happy to see that they didn't sag! We decided to buy these after we heard rave reviews about Babyganics sunscreen–now we've tried two products from Babyganics and both deserve a big thumbs up!” - Target Customer Review

Protect and nurture baby’s skin.

Your baby’s skin is a work-in-progress. That means it needs protection every day, indoors and out.

Grow Boldly

Your world is your baby’s world too, and to them, it’s an irresistible invitation to explore. At Babyganics, we help you make that world adventure-ready with products that clean, protect and nourish. Because when your baby is free to splash, crawl and discover their world, they’re free to grow boldly.