It’s your movement

Baby Freedom. It’s all about letting our babies roam, discover and play, free to explore the world around them!

You are if you believe …

  • Curiosity is a muscle that needs to be flexed.
  • Play is as important as vitamins.
  • Every floor is a playground.
  • Learning that bubbles aren’t yummy takes practice.
  • Crawling under tables is groundbreaking baby research.
  • It’s never too early to be comfortable in your own skin.
  • A clean highchair table is an acceptable dinner plate.
  • A baby learns a lot from licking a book.
  • Diaper rash is natural. Relief should be, too.
  • There‘s no telling how far a baby with the right sun protection can go.
  • Dirty laundry is a sign of life.
  • Love is a germ-free hand.
  • A fantastic diaper will set your baby free.
  • Your baby’s skin is a work in progress.
  • A messy bath time is the sign of a happy baby.
  • Life is long. Babyhood is short. Make it safe and set our babies free.